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British actress Mirren looks at drone use in 'Eye in the Sky'

British actress Mirren looks at drone use in 'Eye in the Sky'
April 12, 2016
LONDON - A new drama starring British actress Helen Mirren looks at the use of drone warfare in international conflicts. In "Eye in the Sky", Mirren plays a colonel who insists on an immediate drone strike after discovering the location of a number of the most dangerous militants in the world. But not all the politicians in the British cabinet who are needed to make the decision agree with her assertive stance. The Oscar winner's role was initially intended for a man to play. "I think it was very astute of the director. I'm not saying me but any woman playing that role just really opens the film up to the female audience as much as anything," Mirren said at the movie's UK premiere in London on Monday night. "... It's much more embracing, it brings us all into the argument. It's not just then a macho movie, you know about men making war." When discussing the debate about this form of drone warfare "The Queen" actress said its use was inevitable. "It's not going to go away so we better get used to that fact and sort out in all of our corporate minds, our national minds, you know, what we feel about it," she said. "It will be used in our name anyway." "Eye In The Sky", which also stars Aaron Paul and the late Alan Rickman, hits UK cinemas from April 15. –Reuters
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