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Modi's pinstriped suit auctioned for 4.31 crore

Modi's pinstriped suit auctioned for 4.31 crore
February 20, 2015
SURAT (Web Desk) - Finally, the personalized pinstripe suit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi was won in an auction by Dharmanandan Diamonds Private Limited, a Diamond Trading Company (DTC) sightholder for Indian Rs 4.31 crore. The diamond company, which entered into the bid on the last day of the exhibition-cum-auction at Science Centre, started with the bid of Rs 1.61 crore. The bid was increased to Rs 2.85 crore in the last leg of the auction and that the final amount was raised at Rs 4.31 crore. In the fray were diamond barons from Mumbai, a shipping company owner Kamalkant Sharma and a trader from Haryana. Hitesh Patel, managing director, Dharmanandan Diamonds Private Limited said, "It is worth the price. Our mission was to get the PM Modi's suit at any cost and contribute to the Ganga Cleanliness mission. We are happy that the city has contribute to the mission and the suit stays with us. Now, we plan to display this as memorabilia at the upcoming SDB project"
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