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MPA's husband assaults judge in Islamabad's petrol pump

MPA's husband assaults judge in Islamabad's petrol pump
September 14, 2020
ISLAMABAD (92 News) - Member Punjab Assembly (MPA) Abida Raja’s husband allegedly physically assaulted Additional Session Judge Malik Jahangir at a petrol pump in the federal capital. Judge Malik Jahangir has filed an application against the MPA's husband-Chaudhry Khurrum. In his application, the judge said that he was refueling his vehicle at a petrol pump in "Constitution Avenue" when a car wrongly parked before him. Suddenly, Chaudhry Khurrum and his servants started to beat him up before he could understand anything. A video shared on social media showed that a verbal brawl at a petrol pump near the Foreign Office building in Islamabad turned into a violent incident. Raja’s husband, Chaudhry Khurram, allegedly punched the judge and broke his nose and inflicted other injuries on the judge's eyes and lips, as well as on his left leg. This incident happened due to an altercation between two vehicles outside Parliament House over the crossing of a traffic signal. When the two vehicles reached the fuel station near the Foreign Office, Khurram, helped by his driver, opened the door of the Additional Sessions Judge's car and slapped the judge.