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MQM is not well-wisher of Karachi, says Saeed Ghani

MQM is not well-wisher of Karachi, says Saeed Ghani
December 15, 2021 Web Desk

KARACHI (92 News) – PPP spokesperson Saeed Ghani has said that the MQM is trying to foment linguistic riots and it is not the well-wisher of Karachi.

Addressing to a press conference on Wednesday, he said, “We will not tolerate terrorism in the city. The MQM has presented the Local Government (Amendment) Act in a negative manner.”

About the education system, he said that before the 18th amendment, education was related to the federal government. After the 18th amendment, 90% education system in the country is the same. It is our claim that we developed the best system. Our books have been given to all provinces. If Sindh has brought betterment in the curriculum, then all provinces should adopt it.”

About the Local Government (Amendment) Act, he said that it is not easy that every common person can understand it. "Unfortunately, on its basis chaos is being created. If Sindh government is increasing prices of sugar, flour and diesel, then it is responsible for inflation. If there is inflation in Sindh, it means the federal government is incompetent.

"Gas is even not available in the hours promised by the federal government. The people are not getting gas and the MQM is not talking about the issues of Karachi.”