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Muslims begin gathering at Mount Arafat to perform Hajj

Muslims begin gathering at Mount Arafat to perform Hajj
August 31, 2017
MOUNT ARAFAT (92 News) – Over two million pilgrims on the hajj began gathering at Mount Arafat to perform one of the most important parts of the annual pilgrimage. Pilgrims mark what is known as the "Day of Arafah" by performing prayers until sunset and asking Allah almighty to forgive their sins. The pilgrims will stand at mount Arafat until call for Maghrib prayer on the ninth day of the Hijri month Dhu’l-Hijjah. After Azaan-e-Maghrib, the Hujjaj will leave for Muzdalfa where they will offer Maghrib and Isha prayers and spend the night in the open sky.     Pilgrims went to Mina to spend the day of “tarweya” on Thursday, the eighth of Dhu al-Hijjah, in preparation for the climb of mount Arafat at dawn to perform the most important stage of Hajj, which is to stand all day by the mountain and pray to Allah almighty. Arafat is the site where Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) gave his last sermon about 14 centuries ago after leading his followers on the pilgrimage.