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NAB granted 14-day physical remand of Shehbaz Sharif

NAB granted 14-day physical remand of Shehbaz Sharif
September 29, 2020
LAHORE (92 News) - The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) on Tuesday was granted a 14-day physical remand of Opposition Leader in National Assembly Shehbaz Sharif in the assets beyond income and money laundering cases. The PML-N president, who was arrested in a money laundering case on Monday, was presented in the accountability court in Lahore amid tight security. Shehbaz denied any wrongdoing and argued his case himself in the court. He adopted his stance that that during his tenure, the Punjab exchequer gained billions of rupees. The court directed the NAB to produce the PML-N president on October 13 after granting 14-day physical remand of Shehbaz Sharif. Earlier, the opposition leader, who spoke to the journalists after arriving at the court, said that his party will fight the “NAB-Niazi nexus”. “NAB-Niazi nexus has failed, we will fight it,” said Shehbaz. Special security arrangements have been made to deter any untoward incident. The bitter words exchanged between the PML-N workers and the security personnel during the appearance of the party president. On Monday, the NAB again arrested Opposition Leader in the National Assembly Shehbaz Sharif after the cancellation of his interim bail in the Lahore High Court. A bench comprising Justice Sardar Ahmed Naeem and Justice Farooq Haider cancelled the bail after hearing the detailed arguments. He was arrested from courtroom after the cancellation of his bail. Earlier, Shehbaz Sharif was arrested in the Ashiyana Housing scandal. Azam Nazir Tarar advocate, counsel for Shehbaz Sharif, presented the arguments. He contended that his client had paid the tax on his income and got it audited. “The NAB is not accepting the tax return after 20 years,” he added. Shehbaz Sharif came to the rostrum and said that he was standing before court even after paying the tax for 12 years. “Not a single penny was transferred to his account from any company. I withdraw the bail application if a single penny is proved against me,” he added. The PML-N president said that the government wants to gag him through the arrest before the local bodies elections. “The NAB official is present here who said that I was not for the investigations. My father was the son of a poor farmer who started his business through the loan. In 1970, our business became the biggest institution,” he added. Meanwhile, the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) workers strongly protested against the arrest of Shehbaz Sharif. They also chanted slogans against the NAB. They also scuffled with the police. The NAB team shifted Shehbaz Sharif to office at Thokar Niaz Baig. He will be presented in court on Tuesday.
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