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Naeem Rasheed embraced martyrdom while saving people during NZ terror attack

Naeem Rasheed embraced martyrdom while saving people during NZ terror attack
March 16, 2019
ABBOTTABAD (92 News) – Naeem Rasheed, a resident of Abbottabad, set a new example of valour by embracing martyrdom while saving the lives of other during the terror attack. Naeem Rasheed had attempted to overpower the attacker to save the people present in the mosque. He was critically injured in the attack and succumbed to his wounds in hospital. A British newspaper has termed Naeem Rasheed as hero. Naeem Rasheed’s son Talha Naeem was also martyred in the attack. Dr Khursheed, brother of Naeem Rasheed, said that he is proud of his martyred brother and may Allah Almighty accept his martyrdom. Dr Saleem, maternal uncle of Naeem Rasheed, said that Naeem Rasheed was a pious and practical Muslim. “Allah Almighty has blessed him with the status of a martyr,” he said. Forty-one people were killed at the Al Noor mosque. One man who said he was at the Al Noor mosque told media the gunman burst in as worshippers were kneeling for prayers. “He came and started shooting everyone in the mosque, everywhere,” said Ahmad Al-Mahmoud. He said he and others escaped by breaking through a glass door. Police said the alleged shooter took seven minutes to travel to the second mosque in the suburb of Linwood, where seven people were killed. No images have emerged from the second mosque. Tarrant was arrested in a car, which police said was carrying improvised explosive devices, 36 minutes after they were first called. “The offender was mobile, there were two other firearms in the vehicle that the offender was in, and it absolutely was his intention to continue with his attack,” Ardern told reporters in Christchurch on Saturday. The visiting Bangladesh cricket team was arriving for prayers at one of the mosques when the shooting started but all members were safe, a team coach told Reuters. Two other people were in custody and police said they were seeking to understand whether they were involved in any way. None of those arrested had a criminal history or were on watchlists in New Zealand or Australia. Ardern said Tarrant was a licensed gun owner who allegedly used five weapons, including two semi-automatic weapons and two shotguns, which had been modified. “I can tell you one thing right now, our gun laws will change,” Ardern told reporters, saying a ban on semi-automatic weapons would be considered. SORROW, SYMPATHY Twelve operating theaters worked through the night on the more than 40 people wounded, said hospital authorities. Thirty six people were still being treated on Saturday, of which 11 remained in intensive care. One victim died in hospital. “The wounds from gunshots are often quite significant,” Christchurch Hospital’s Chief of Surgery Greg Robertson told reporters. “Many of the people require multiple trips to the theater to deal with the complex series of injuries they have.” Funerals were planned on Saturday for some of the victims, several of whom were born overseas. Dozens of people laid flowers at cordons near both mosques in Christchurch, which is still rebuilding after a devastating earthquake in 2011 that killed almost 200 people. Wearing a black scarf over her head, Ardern hugged members of the Muslim community at a Christchurch refugee center on Saturday, saying she would ensure freedom on religion in New Zealand. “I convey the message of love and support on behalf of New Zealand to all of you,” she said. The majority of victims were migrants or refugees from countries such as Pakistan, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Turkey, Somalia and Afghanistan. Muslims account for just over 1 percent of New Zealand’s population.