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Nation is celebrating Defence Day with traditional enthusiasm today

Nation is celebrating Defence Day with traditional enthusiasm today
September 6, 2022 Web Desk

LAHORE (92 News) - It is a historic day to expel the evil eye towards the beloved country. Today, the nation is celebrating Defense Day with traditional enthusiasm.

On September 6, 1965, the insidious enemy India attacked the motherland with full force late at night on Lahore and Kasur. The enemy army attacked with full preparation and strength, but despite being many times less than the enemy in terms of manpower and weapons, the soldiers of the armed forces dedicated to the spirit of patriotism and the sons of the nation fought head on for the defense of the homeland. At Chondah, the largest tank battle took place after the Second World War, in which the soldiers of the Pakistan Army tied bombs to their bodies and blew up the tanks of the enemy.

On September 7, Major Aziz Bhatti of Seventeen Punjab Regiment along with his men foiled the enemy's attack on the BRB Canal in Berki sector despite limited resources. In recognition of the courage and bravery of Major Aziz Bhatti, he was awarded Nishan Haider, the highest military honor of the country. Pakistan Air Force pilot MM Alam destroyed five Indian Air Force fighter jets in the air in one minute, which is a world record.

Be it Chhamb or Birki sector. Be it the attack of the Shaheens of the Pakistan Air Force or the Oration of the Pakistan Navy. On every front, the armed forces inflicted such blows on the enemy that fourteen divisions of the enemy were enlightened and a ceasefire had to be appealed to the United Nations. The victory of the war of 1965 is a clear message from the enemy that the dear motherland is invincible and the defense of the motherland will not only be ensured in every situation but the vision raised towards the Pak land will be crushed.