Saturday, October 1, 2022

Nawaz Sharif seeks support from US, security establishment

Nawaz Sharif seeks support from US, security establishment

ISLAMABAD (92 News) - Renowned Journalist and analyst Shaheen Sehbai made startling revelation and said that former premier Nawaz Sharif asked help from US and security establishment through his friend Islamic country.

In his column based on shocking revelations published at Roznama 92 News and Balochistan Times today, well-known analyst and senior journalist Shaheen Sehbai said that Nawaz Sharif contacted the US and the security establishment through a friendly Islamic country as well as asked for help in launching a full-fledged campaign against Pakistan's security establishment. He added that The US has flatly refused to help Nawaz Sharif.

The article stated that the America has bluntly refused to support the former prime minister and becoming any part of campaign against Pakistani security agencies.

According to reliable sources, Shaheen Sehbai said that Nawaz Sharif sought the help of a friendly Islamic country to seek help from the US, but his representative told Nawaz Sharif that the US had no intention of interfering in Pakistan's political affairs.

According to article, the former Pakistani ambassador to Washington also offered help to Nawaz Sharif in the campaign against Pakistan's security agencies, which was futile. According to sources, the US State Department made this decision keeping in view the ongoing peace talks in Afghanistan, in which Pakistan has a key role to play.

US Special Envoy for Afghan Peace Talks Zalmay Khalilzad recently praised Pakistan's role and acknowledged that Pakistan has a key role to play in removing obstacles during peace talks.

It is pertinent to mention here that another reason to deny Nawaz Sharif is also the presidential election in the US, while President Trump is also very involved on the domestic front.

During these dire circumstances, Nawaz Sharif and his advisers want help of President Trump against the Pakistan Army, whereas, the Pakistan Army has a key player in the Afghan peace process.

Shaheen Sehbai also contacted Prime Minister Imran Khan in this regard, then he said that whatever Nawaz Sharif is doing while sitting in London, he knows everything and there is evidence of it. "If anyone tried to contact him at the behest of Nawaz Sharif, he would get a stern response," the premier maintained.