Friday, December 2, 2022

NCOC advises to organise majalis online or at outdoor on Youm-e-Ali RA

NCOC advises to organise majalis online or at outdoor on Youm-e-Ali RA

ISLAMABAD (92 News) - The National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC) has issued guidelines for Youm-e-Ali (RA), Aitekaf, Shab-e-Qadr, Jummatul Wida and Eidul Fitr to curb the spread of coronavirus on Sunday.

In its guidelines, the NCOC stated that Youm-e-Ali (RA) processions are completely banned, whereas, clerics and zakireen will make the citizens aware of the virus.

Those having symptoms of coronavirus will be barred to participate in the majalis in connection with the Youm-e-Ali (RA). The NCOC also advised organising the majalis online or at outdoor locality besides ensuring to make special arrangements for sanitisers and soaps for washing hands.

It has been advised for people aged above 50 years and children not to attend the majalis, whereas, the religious gatherings of Youm-e-Ali (RA) will be banned to be held in congested localities.

Clerics and zakireen will have to undergo a coronavirus test and only covid-negative clerics and zakireen will be allowed to attend a majlis.


The centre asked those people having COVID-19 symptoms to observe aitekaf at their homes instead of coming to mosques and imam bargahs. However, those coming to the mosques should take their beds and other necessary items from the home and avoid joint meals of Sehri and Iftari.

Jummatul Wida

The NCOC directed to make separate entry and exit routes at the venues of Jummatul Wida gatherings. Special arrangements must be made for thermal scanning and sanitization of people arriving at the venues for offering Jummatul Wida prayers.

People have also be asked to perform ablution at their homes before arriving at the mosques or other venues for Jummatul Wida gatherings.


People aged above 50 and children have been advised to stay at their homes instead of heading towards the mosques, whereas, Shab-e-Qadr gathering should be organised at outdoor spots. It has been directed not to use carpets and mats during the prayers.

Eidul Fitr

Citizens were also asked to refrain from shaking hands and hugging during the Eidul Fitr gatherings, as well as avoiding to unnecessarily travelling and family events.

It has been directed to maintain one metre distance during an outdoor event along with the family members on Eid. The administration of mosques have been ordered to keep doors and windows opened during the Eidul Fitr prayers and refrain from using water coolers.