Tuesday, December 7, 2021
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New Pakistan cannot be created by pressing a button: PM Imran Khan

New Pakistan cannot be created by pressing a button: PM Imran Khan
September 3, 2021 --- Web Desk

ISLAMABAD (92 News) – Prime Minister(PM) Imran Khan has said that a new Pakistan cannot be created by pressing a button. It takes time to change the system.

Addressing the inaugural cermoney of Pakistan Property Housing and Construction Expo 2021, the Prime Minister said that we can repay the loans of the country only when the economy is strong. In previous periods, no government has thought of increasing exports. He oppressed the country by not paying attention to exports. Smaller countries like Singapore are exporting more than Pakistan. We are thinking that Pakistan will export 30 billion this time.

He said that reform is the name of struggle, mindset has to be changed. Trying to raise the lower class. People will benefit if the construction industry goes ahead. No policy has been formulated for the weaker sections in the past.

He said that the government would help the industry but then the industry has a duty to pay taxes. This is a two way system, we will give you facilities to increase your wealth. You have to pay taxes so that the country can develop. With the development of the construction industry, the youth will get jobs. He said that construction industry should reduce its focus on imports and increase the use of Pakistani products.

Imran Khan said that there is a boom in the construction sector in Pakistan. The country needs a large number of houses. He said that due to lack of mortgage financing, there was no tendency to build houses in Pakistan with loans. We have introduced a law under which banks will give loans to people to build houses.

Prime Minister said that a small section of India has become rich and the rest there is extreme poverty. China lifted millions of its people out of poverty and became a superpower. China's development model should be taken into account. It is the responsibility of the state to meet the needs of the weaker sections.

"During Corona, I called the chairman of the IMF," he said. The lender also gives his terms. I sought the help of the Chairman IMF for the construction industry.

Imran Khan further said, that in FBR we are constantly trying to bring reforms. Finance Minister Shaukat Terez knows what challenges the industry faces.