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No compromise on Palestinians’ return to their homeland, Saudi Cabinet declares

No compromise on Palestinians’ return to their homeland, Saudi Cabinet declares
July 3, 2019
JEDDAH (Web Desk) – The Saudi Arabia’s Cabinet has reasserted that the Kingdom will keep on supporting Palestinian refugees and their return to homeland. The cabinet members emphasized the contents of the Kingdom’s speech at the conference for supporting the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East in New York and its reiteration to the Palestinians’ inalienable right of return. During the meeting, Saudi Arabia reaffirmed political and diplomatic support for the Palestinian cause. The Saudi Cabinet also condemned the terrorist attack on Abha International Airport carried out by the Iranian-backed Houthi militias in which nine civilians, including an Indian citizen, were injured. The Cabinet stressed the assertion of the Arab coalition that the terrorists behind this attack will be held accountable in accordance with the international laws and conventions. Following the session chaired by King Salman at Al-Salam Palace in Jeddah, Dr Issam bin Saad bin Saeed, state minister, Cabinet member and acting minister of media, said in a statement to the Saudi Press Agency that he wished the injured people a speedy recovery. The Cabinet also strongly condemned the terrorist attack in El-Arish, north Sinai in Egypt, and the two bomb blasts in Tunis. The ministers also condemned the unfortunate events that took place at the Bahrain Embassy in Baghdad at the hands of protesters and praised the Iraqi government’s stance and the measures it took the ensure the safety of the Bahraini envoy. Bin Saeed said the Cabinet was informed about the results of the Kingdom’s participation in the G20 Summit held in the Japanese city of Osaka. The Kingdom’s delegation was headed by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman who met – on the sidelines of the summit – the leaders and heads of participating states who reviewed cooperation with Kingdom and discussed ways to bolster mutual cooperation. The Cabinet was also informed about the results of the crown prince’s visits to South Korea and Japan. The Cabinet accepted donations of SR10 million ($2.7 million), SR5 million and SR2 million from King Salman, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and the Saudi interior minister respectively for the second phase of “Fourijat” service, as a way to provide constant attention to reuniting prisoners and their families and provide their needs. The Cabinet confirmed that the Kingdom’s membership of the Group of States of the Joint Ministerial Statement on Electronic Commerce of the World Trade Organization reflects the leadership’s interest in e-commerce to achieve the goals of Vision 2030. The Cabinet decided to delegate the energy minister — or a person appointed by the latter — to hold talks with Ukraine on a renewable energy and alternative fuels project. The Cabinet also decided to delegate the foreign minister — or a person appointed by the latter — to discuss with the Albanian side an MoU about the reciprocal exemption of short-term visa for diplomatic and special passport holders for Saudis only, and diplomatic and service passport holders for Albanians only. The Cabinet also decided that the Council for Family Affairs (women’s committee) should represent the Kingdom in the women’s development council at the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. SOURCE: ARAB NEWS