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No action as PM’s ultimatum for cut in medicine prices expires

No action as PM’s ultimatum for cut in medicine prices expires
April 13, 2019

ISLAMABAD (92 News) – The 72-hour ultimatum given by Prime Minister Imran Khan for a cut in medicine prices expired without any action from the authorities concerned.

The pharmaceutical companies are charging the prices of their choice, ignoring the PM’s order as well as plight of the patients.

All medicines ranging from flu to life-saving medicines are being sold at high rates while patients have no option except to purchase them.

All the departments associated with pharmaceutical companies seem to be helpless. No action has so far been taken against the companies selling medicines at exorbitant rates.

Citizens have appealed to the prime minister to take immediate actions against the people responsible for illegal increase in the medicine prices.

PM orders action against people behind hike in medicine Prices

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Imran Khan has ordered to take immediate action against the people behind hike in the prices of medicine.According to the details garnered, the prime minister directed to bring the prices of medicine to the previous position within 72 hours.On the other hand, the public masses are protesting against the hike in prices of medicines. The patients and their attendees are worried about the brutal hike in prices of medicines. The poor people are pleading to the government to take strict against the pharmaceutical mafia.Speaking to the journalists, a woman told that due to the inflation, her family cannot paid the two month rent of the house and now how they can purchase the medicines in expensive prices. The poor patients are also worried about to treatIt is pertinent to mention here pharmaceutical companies increased prices of many medicines including one used for heart treatment that was raised to 485 rupees from 186 rupees. The medicine for sugar control was raised to RS460 from Rs 272 while medicine for throat disease was hiked to 921 rupees. Blood pressure medicine rose to Rs235 from Rs162.