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May could be most difficult with regard to coronavirus: PM Imran Khan

May could be most difficult with regard to coronavirus: PM Imran Khan
April 23, 2020
ISLAMABAD (92 News) – Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that no government alone can deal with the situation emerging from coronavirus. Expressing his views in Ehsaas Telethon by government and private TV channels for raising funds to fight COVID-19 on Thursday, he said that the effects of the lockdown would also appear. “May could be most difficult with regard to coronavirus. This epidemic cannot be controlled even with a complete lockdown. Coronavirus will spread. We have to live with it for a long period.” He said that there were 26 coronavirus cases on March 13. “We decided to clamp the complete lockdown. Provinces also clamped the lockdown. It takes time if once the lockdown is imposed,” he maintained. Imran Khan said that the conditions are worst in slums and the government would have to give the biggest relief to these people. “The savings of the people locked in their homes is ending. Sometime one misunderstands the conditions in Pakistan. People think that they will be saved due to their body system,” he said. The prime minister said that coronavirus is different from other viruses and it spreads quickly. He said that the government had given the biggest relief package of the history. “Sania Nishtar has worked hard and the relief amount is being given to the deserving people in a transparent manner,” he said. Imran Khan said that the people should be careful. “The big industry has something. It is being feared that small businesses will end,” he maintained. He said that the government will give more incentives to the business community. “We are trying to take the interest rate below nine percent. We know that the revenue will reduce. The power sector has become a curse due to the agreements signed in the past. The FATF is another problem and several more restrictions have been imposed,” he added. Imran Khan said that the people would come out of their hosues whatsoever the government does. “The people would have not accepted the ban on the mosques. The mosque not following the SOPs will be closed. The people should worship in their houses during Ramazan,” he added. He said that the system devised by the ISI to nab terrorists has been given to the government to contain coronavirus.