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No need of enemy in presence of rulers like Nawaz, Zardari: PM

No need of enemy in presence of rulers like Nawaz, Zardari: PM
April 21, 2019
ISLAMABAD (92 News) – Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan has termed that there is no need of enemy in the presence of former prime minister Nawaz Sharif and former president Asif Ali Zardari like rulers in Pakistan. Addressing the ceremony after laying the foundation stone of Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme in Quetta on Sunday, the prime minister has expressed his government’s commitment to uplift Balochistan to make it at par with developed parts of the country. Plundering of country by two parties caused severe harm PM Khan said that the plundering of the country by the two political parties has caused severe harm to it. Criticizing the opposition parties, the premier mentioned, for the first time, the big robbers are being arrested in the country. “They want to topple the government so that their courrption could not be revealed,” he said, adding that they should be clarified that the government would run properly. The prime minister said the country will develop when the weak segments of the society are cared for by the state. He said no nation can progress unless corrupt elements are brought to justice. “Corruption is the main cause of the deprivation of various areas in the country,” he added. State of Madina is our role model: PM Imran Khan said state of Madina is our role model to cater to the needs of weak and poor segments of society. He said success underpinning the state of Madina was its golden principles of welfare and compassion. He said our founding fathers had also envisioned a welfare state based on the state of Madina. 5m housing units aims at providing shelter to common people PM Khan said the program of 5 million housing units aims at providing shelter to common people who could not afford it due to their weaker financial position. He said in Pakistan people are only able to build homes if they have money. He said the salaried class is not able to have home due to limited income. SBP encouraging banks for more housing loans to consumers The premier said that other countries who take mortgage to build homes is quite high in comparison with Pakistan. He said a law will be introduced for introducing mortgage in Pakistan. He said State Bank of Pakistan is also encouraging commercial banks to disburse more housing loans to consumers. He said many foreign investors have expressed interest to invest in housing sector of Pakistan. More opportunities to be created for youth Imran Khan said more opportunities will be created for youth as they will be able to start construction companies to benefit from the housing boom. He said 40 industries are allied with construction industry. The Prime Minister urged the youth to start their own businesses and become entrepreneurs rather than looking at the government for jobs. Emphasizing the importance of a Master Plan for Quetta city, he said the basic civic services can be ensured only when the cities are planned and organized. He said need of the hour is construction of high rise buildings to save green patches. The prime minister while addressing the Baloch youth said they are the future of our country. Earlier, Federal Secretary Housing and Works Dr Imran Zeb Khan while highlighting the project said it is part of vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan. He said the Balochistan chief minister will supervise the project. He said Pakistan lacks 12 million housing units. He said draft bill of Naya Pakistan Housing Authority has been created and will be presented before the parliament for approval. He said a draft bill of related legislation has also been created for approval by parliament. He foundation stone of 110,000 housing units is being laid down in Balochistan today. He said the project is a joint collaboration of federal and provincial governments. He said Pakistan Housing Authority will immediately start housing units at Kuchlak. The secretary said Federal Government Employees Housing Foundation will build 3500 units at Wahdat Colony in Quetta. He said in Gwadar, 54000 housing units will be for federal, provincial and local government employees, while an equal number of housing units will be for fishermen.
Federal cabinet approves Naya Pakistan Housing Authority
Earlier, Federal cabinet, which held uner the chair of Prime Minister Imran khan, approved construction of 1,35,000 apartments under “Naya Pakistan Housing Authority” across Pakistan.

Briefing the journalists after the federal cabinet meeting, Minister for Information Fawad Chaudhry said the cabinet granted approval to the establishment of “Naya Pakistan Housing Authority”.

The minister explained that 25,000 apartments would be built in Islamabad for federal government employees and Prime Minister Imran Khan will inaugurate the scheme on 17th of this month. He said 110,000 apartments will be constructed in Balochistan, where fishermen of Gwadar can get residence as well.