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No respite for IOK people as lockdown continues on 67th day

No respite for IOK people as lockdown continues on 67th day
October 10, 2019
SRINAGAR (KMS) – In Occupied Kashmir, the sufferings of the people of Kashmir Valley and Muslim majority areas of Jammu region continue unabated due to unrelenting military siege. The huge presence of Indian troops in every lane and by-lane has virtually confined the residents to their homes, making their life a hell. Normal life remains badly affected on the 67th running day, on Thursday, due to the military clampdown. The internet and mobile phone connectivity, barring some landline phones that have been restored, continues to remain completely suspended, adding to the miseries of the people. The publication of newspapers has been badly hampered as they have failed to update their online editions while journalists are unable to report from the ground due to the gag on communications. This has led to the territory’s residents being cut off from the outside world. Business activities continue to remain suspended and public transport off the road while educational institutions are empty. Residents say this is the first time that they have witnessed such severe clampdown and prolonged restrictions on communications. The lockdown and restrictions on communications links have caused immense hardships for the common people especially for the patients suffering from serious ailments as lifesaving drugs are running short of stock in the Kashmir valley.
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