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No shortage of wheat in Punjab, says Fayyazul Chohan

No shortage of wheat in Punjab, says Fayyazul Chohan
January 21, 2020
LAHORE (92 News) – Punjab Minister for Information Fayyazul Hassan Chohan has said that there is no shortage of wheat across Punjab on Tuesday. Addressing a press conference on Tuesday, the minister said that Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar controlled the wheat flour crisis with right decisions and effective measures. He also said that due to negligence of Sindh government people of Sindh are facing acute shortage of wheat. On the occasion, Punjab Food Minister Samiullah Chaudhary said that the wheat crisis has been created with proper plan by the profiteers, adding that the government will defeat hoarders and profiteers. He said that 482 sale points are established across the Punjab for the provision of flour to people. He said that 20 kg flour bag is available in market at the cost 790 rupees. He said that indiscriminate actions are being taken against profiteer, hoarders and those who sold wheat in open market. Delay of ban on wheat exports became a major factor who intensified the crisis across Pakistan. 92 News traced the reason that why wheat crisis unfolded across Pakistan. Due to crisis, wheat prices across the country have sky rocketed over the past few days. The sources said that delay of ban on the export of wheat is major factor but the smuggling of wheat in Iran and Afghanistan is also cause of wheat crisis all over the country. In this whole situation, profiteers and hoarders started exploiting the situation and allegedly plunged into secret stock piling of wheat to increase prices. The wheat crisis started from Sindh and spread all over the country. The wheat was exported at the price of Rs30 per KG but now it has to import in the price of Rs60 per Kg. Meanwhile, the 40 billion rupees expenses have to bear on the monthly basis.