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Occupied Kashmir converted into largest prison in history: FO

Occupied Kashmir converted into largest prison in history: FO
August 22, 2019
ISLAMABAD (92 News) – Foreign Office (FO) spokesperson Dr Muhammad Faisal has said on Thursday that Indian Occupied Kashmir (IoK) has been converted into the largest prison in the history of mankind. At his weekly press briefing in Islamabad on Thursday, Foreign Office (FO) spokesperson Dr Muhammad Faisal said that Indian aggression in the occupied valley can become threat for the regional peace. The FO spokesperson mentioned that the Kashmir issue should be resolved as per UN resolutions and desires of the Kashmiri people. “International community should give attention to the latest worsening situation of Indian held Jammu Kashmir. He mentioned that Pakistan has urged the international community to take notice of human rights violations by the Indian forces in IoK. “The occupied valley has been converted into the largest prison in the history of mankind. More than fourteen million people are incarcerated in their homes,” he termed. The FO spokesperson said that the Indian government has stationed over nine hundred thousand troops in the valley and Kashmiris are being denied access to any form of communication. He said a humanitarian crisis is looming as occupied Kashmir is facing the shortage of food and medicines.
Trump’s engagement manifestation in resolution of Kashmir issue
To a question about US President Donald Trump’s telephonic conversations with Prime Minister Imran Khan, Dr Faisal said Trump’s consistent engagement is a manifestation of his interest in the resolution of Kashmir issue. The spokesperson also said Pakistan is considering all options on Kashmir. He said active consultations are going on amongst all the stakeholders for this purpose. He said India cannot impose curfew in the occupied territory for an indefinite period. He said resolution of this outstanding dispute is imperative in accordance with the UN Security Council (UNSC) resolutions.
Several countries offer mediation on Kashmir issue
The FO spokesperson said several countries have offered mediation on Kashmir dispute but we cannot move forward unless India agrees to it.
Closure of social media accounts on Kashmir cause
Dr Mohammad Faisal expressed concerns over the closure of social media accounts which are supporting the Kashmir cause. He said it is against the free speech and the matter has been taken up with the relevant authorities.
Pakistan wants to open Kartarpur Corridor on scheduled time
Replying about Kartarpur Corridor, the FO spokesperson said it is Pakistan’s desire and effort that the corridor opens as per the scheduled time.
No organized presence of Daesh in Pakistan
To another question, the FO spokesperson said there is no organized presence of Daesh in Pakistan. He said Pakistan is concerned over the outfit's rise in neighboring Afghanistan.
Pakistan supports peace, stability in Afghanistan
Dr Mohammad Faisal said Pakistan has sincerely supported international efforts for peace and stability in Afghanistan as part of a shared responsibility. “We believe that a final and durable solution in Afghanistan will be victory for the Afghans, the regional countries and the international community but it should be fully led and owned by Afghans,” he concluded.
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