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Official trailer of Hollywood movie "Ambulance" releases

Official trailer of Hollywood movie "Ambulance" releases
December 12, 2021 Web Desk

LOS Angeles (92 News) – The official trailer of Hollywood action movie “Ambulance” has been released.

Story of movie revolves around a man who plans with his adopted brother to rob $32 million from a bank. He needs to pay for medical bills of his wife.

These disappointed thieves hijack an ambulance carrying a seriously injured police officer and an EMT worker.

The cast includes Jack Galen Hall, Isa Gonzalez, Yahya Abdul Matin, Kerr O'Donnell, Garrett Dallahant, Devon Long, Victor Gojj, Colin Woodell, Adolfo Lario Martinez, Valle, Olivia Imbolia, Moses Ingram and others.

This movie full of action is directed by Micheal Bay and will hit theaters in February next year.