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Only voice of Pakistanis 92 News completes four years overseas

Only voice of Pakistanis 92 News completes four years overseas
December 12, 2021 Web Desk

LONDON (92 News) – 92 News have achieved many successes in its motherland and its journey is still continued.

92 News UK, the only voice of Pakistanis and Kashmiris from the United States to Europe and the Middle East to the Far East, has achieved unprecedented success in the short span of 4 years.

Whether it's the Corona situation in the UK or the stakes of Pakistani politics in London or the complexities of Brexit, 92 News UK continued the series of authentic news.

92 News UK was the first to show the voices of Kashmiris, Sikh protests and demonstrations against Modi from all over the UK.

Whether it's the swearing-in of new US President Joseph Biden or the Trump-backed attack on Capitol Hill, 92 News UK delivered to its audience with credibility.

Whether it's coverage of Expo 2020 in the UAE, issues of the Pakistani community or promoting relations between Pakistan and the UAE, 92 News played a key role.

Be it Pak-Russia relations, US-Russia tensions or the changing climate, 92 News UK has been at the forefront.

Promotion Pakistan’s positive role in Malaysia, 92 News was featured for solving community problems.

Be it Turkish history, be it civilization, the screen of 92 News showed everything.

92 News UK was also responsible for bringing the problems of Pakistanis living in Ireland to the attention of the authorities.

The team at 92 News UK kept informing-changing situation of Covid-19.

92 News UK kept its viewers informed on the fluctuations of the global economy in a timely manner.

92 News UK told its viewers the realities behind global events, from new political alliances being formed in the world to new economic alignments. 92 News is committed to continue to present a positive image of Pakistan on the world stage.