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Opposition destroying people's lives in desperation to get NRO: PM

Opposition destroying people's lives in desperation to get NRO: PM
November 22, 2020

In a series of tweets, the prime minister said that Pakistan’s second COVID 19 spike data is of concern as increase in the virus patients on ventilators in last 15 days rose in Peshawar and Multan by 200%, Karachi 148%, Lahore 114% and Islamabad 65% while Multan Islamabad’s Covid ventilators capacity utilization has reached 70 per cent.

He further said that across the world there is a second spike and complete lockdowns in most countries but in Pakistan, the PDM by continuing with jalsas is deliberately endangering lives and livelihoods.

"If cases continue to rise at the rate we are seeing, we will be compelled to go into complete lockdown and PDM will be responsible for consequences," Imran Khan warned. He maintained that opposition can hold a million jalsas but will not get any NRO from him.


Pm Khan further said that he does not want to take measures like a lockdown that will start hurting Pakistan’s economy which at the moment is showing signs of a robust recovery but unfortunately, the opposition’s only goal is NRO at whatever cost to the lives of people and the country’s economy.