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Will announce date for resigning from all assemblies after consultation: Imran Khan

Will announce date for resigning from all assemblies after consultation: Imran Khan
November 26, 2022 Web Desk

RAWALPINDI (92 News) - PTI chairman Imran Khan declared that their struggle has reached the decisive turning point, saying that he will announce the date for resigning from all assemblies after consultation with the parliamentary party. 

Addressing the participants of the Haqeeqi Long March on Saturday, he said that the only way to uplift the country is the conduct of transparent elections.

"What crime did we commit that our government was toppled by a foreign conspiracy? The PTI government developed the country and uplifted the economy. We failed on one front – we cannot bring the powerful under the law," he maintained.

The PTI chairman said that the NAB was not under him, but it was under the establishment. "There is no justice in the country. The thieves got the government through the NRO," he added.

He said that a hectic effort was made to insult him and do his character assassination. "The criminals had tried to kill me by a conspiracy as I called them thieves. Three culprits who hatched the conspiracy to kill me and they are still clinging to their posts. I have seen the death from very close. I give the message to workers to strengthen their faith," he added.

The PTI chairman urged the workers to free themselves from fears if they want to live a life. "Today the nation has come out for me. What is proved by it?" he questioned.

Imran Khan said that the second round of bullets would have hit him had he not fallen. "I understood that Allah had saved me when I fell down. Twelve people were hit by bullets on the container and all of them were saved," he added.