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PAF's International Seminar on Air Power concludes in Islamabad

PAF's International Seminar on Air Power concludes in Islamabad
October 16, 2015
ISLAMABAD (92 News) – A two-day International Seminar on Air Power (ISAP) organized by the Pakistan Air Force concluded at Nur Khan Auditorium AHQ Islamabad, on Friday. Speakers and observers from different allied countries, PAF and NASCOM participated in the seminar to share their views on contemporary issues related to Air Power. Senior serving PAF Officers, selected senior PAF retired Officers, a large number of Pakistan-based foreign defense/air attaches, selected academia notables from various institutions of Islamabad and media personnel attended the seminar. Delivering the inaugural address, Air Chief Sohail Aman said, “The air power today enjoys credibility and importance more than any other time in its history. This glorious position owes much to the technological advancements. But there are other significant aspects which are equally if not exceedingly important in making the air power as central and as critical as it is regarded today. Amongst other, these include training, strategy and leadership. Over the years the practitioners of air power have invested heavily on these aspects. The sum result of all these factors is that the air power, irrespective of the type of conflict and place of conflict, tends to accomplish the given set of objectives with efficiency, economy and more importantly, without exposure of large number of ground forces to the enemy fire. This, I believe is the main contribution of air power to the conflicts today.” He added: “Notwithstanding this herculean contribution, the demands from air power are incessant. The main challenge for the air power is to continue to adjust to its ever expanding role in security of a nation. “The security challenges of 21st Century are indeed sobering. The spectrum of conflict is constantly expanding, and being exploited most optimally by enemies who belong to both traditional and non-traditional categories. There is thus a need to share experience in air campaigns and learn from each other. The air power with its basic characteristics emerges as a choicest option in most parts of this spectrum. Its unique characteristics and capabilities provide a wide range of opportunities for application in all forms of warfare. From policing to precision strikes, and from intelligence gathering to interdiction, the air power provides an array of options which can be applied to a given situation.” A large number of speakers from allied Air Forces, including Major-General Kubilay SELCUK from Turkish Air Force and Group Captain LC Dissanayake from Sri Lankan Air Force, delivered lectures and presentations during the ISAP. Group Captain Carl Newman from Royal Australian Air Force, Colonel PM Khoase from South African Air Force, Colonel Sergio CAVUOTI from Italian Air Force, Wing Commander Keith Dear from Royal Air Force, Colonel Lio Yong from PLA Air Force and Mr Zhang Yiguang from CATIC (China), observers from Oman, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Indonesia, Jordan, Bahrain, Qatar and France also attended the seminar. Spanning on two days, the ISAP was divided into three sessions. The first session on first day discussed the role of “Air Power in Irregular Warfare,” whereas the 2nd session was dedicated to the topic of “Increased Relevance of Non-Lethal Air Operations”. The third session talked about the “New Trends in Air Power Technology”. The fundamental purpose of the interactive forum of ISAP is to provide opportunities to the participants about mutual learning, awareness and understanding of defense issues and especially the use of Air Power in irregular warfare. The seminar also offered an excellent opportunity to augment diplomatic relations, military ties and cooperation between allied countries.
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