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Pakistan demands to label anti-Muslim organisations as terrorists

Pakistan demands to label anti-Muslim organisations as terrorists
March 27, 2020
NEW YORK (92 News) – Pakistan on Friday demanded for labeling of anti-Islam and anti-Muslim organisations in South Asia as terrorists. The bill regarding Pakistan’s suggestions about anti-Islam efforts has been approved during the session of Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in New York. This was prepared before the UN consultative meeting focusing on anti-terrorism efforts across the world. Pakistan’s suggestions were noted in a paper circulated by the United Nations as the agenda for the day. During the observatory session, Pakistan asked the global peace making body to declare all organisations working against Islam and spreading hate and propaganda in its name with anti-Muslim agendas as terrorists. Pakistan specified organisations in the South Asian belt carrying out great atrocities against Muslim minorities residing in different countries of the region. Pakistan said that the UN should closely monitor and devise policies on hateful and racist ideologies like ‘Hindutva’. Pakistan also gave a plethora of suggestions in this regard so that an all-encompassing policy could be devised on the matter if the global body chooses so. Pakistan also vociferously denounced labeling of Kashmir’s freedom struggle as an act of terrorism and labeling such parties, people involved in demanding their basic rights terrorists.