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Pakistan outplay Bangladesh in Asian Games hockey contest

Pakistan outplay Bangladesh in Asian Games hockey contest
September 26, 2023 Web Desk

ISLAMABAD (APP) - Pakistan downed Bangladesh by 5-2 in the hockey competition of the ongoing 19th Asian Games at Hangzhou, China on Tuesday.

The Pakistan hockey team showcased their mettle with yet another triumph and emerged victorious in their second pool match against Bangladesh, triumphing with a decisive score line of five goals to two.

Despite a momentary setback when Bangladesh seized the lead in the 19th minute through a penalty corner, Pakistan rallied valiantly.

Afraz came to the fore, leveling the score with a field goal in the 30th minute, setting the stage for Pakistan’s eventual triumph. In the 40th minute of the game, Pakistan’s youthful right striker Shahzeb Khan fortified Pakistan’s advantage by notching a field goal. Shortly after, in the 43rd minute, Pakistan’s left striker Muhammad Imad extended the lead by slotting the third goal for the team.

Bangladesh managed to narrow the gap, striking a field goal in the 46th minute. However, Pakistan remained relentless, as drag flick maestro Sufyan Khan thundered a rapid flick from a penalty corner, securing Pakistan’s fourth goal in the 48th minute.

In the 57th minute of the game, Pakistan’s talented drag flick specialist, Arbaaz Ahmed, showcased his exceptional skills by executing a precise and swift drag flick during a critical penalty corner, resulting in Pakistan’s fifth goal of the match.

Set to embark on their third match at 6am Pakistan time on September 28, the Pakistan hockey team was ready to face Uzbekistan in the Asian Games.

The tournament features 12 teams, divided into two pools. In Pool A, Pakistan was placed alongside India, Japan, Bangladesh, Singapore, and Uzbekistan, while Pool B includes Korea, Malaysia, China, Oman, Thailand, and Indonesia. Pakistan’s hockey team has displayed a striking offensive performance, scoring a remarkable 16 goals across their first two pool matches.