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Pakistan slams India not being invited to UNSC meeting on Afghanistan

Pakistan slams India not being invited to UNSC meeting on Afghanistan
August 7, 2021 Web Desk

NEW YORK (92 News) - Pakistani Ambassador to UN Munir Akram slams India's presidency for denying participation in UNSC meeting on Afghanistan.

During a press briefing, the UN ambassador said that Pakistan regrets that it was not invited to participate in the UNSC meeting on the situation in Afghanistan given that it has a direct stake in the stability of its neighbour.

"We made a formal request for participation but it was denied," Munir Akram  told reporters at the UN Headquarters in New York. "Obviously, we do not expect fairness from the Indian presidency for Pakistan."

He also said not inviting Pakistan to the UNSC meeting on Afghanistan violated Security Council rules.

Pakistan's complete statement will be will be circulated to the UNSC members, the Pakistani envoy said.

He said there were no terrorist safe havens left after Pakistani military's effective operations in Waziristan and other areas, and that the fencing of the border was now 97% complete to prevent cross-border movement.

Ambassador Akram also slammed regional “spoilers” who he said were attempting to derail the Afghan peace process.

He warned against spoilers, "both within and outside Afghanistan” against their machinations to promote their vested interests.