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Pakistan to continue tariff preferences in EU under GSP-Plus: Abdul Razak Dawood

Pakistan to continue tariff preferences in EU under GSP-Plus: Abdul Razak Dawood
March 6, 2020
ISLAMABAD (92 News) – Adviser to Prime Minister of Pakistan for Commerce, Industry and Investment Abdul Razak Dawood has said that Pakistan will continue to enjoy tariff preferences in European Union (EU) under Generalised Scheme of Preferences (GSP-Plus). In a tweet on Friday, he said: “I thank EU institutions and all relevant federal ministries and provincial departments of Pakistan, steered by Treaty Implementation Cell of MoC to meet GSP+ obligations. “This would strengthen our resolve to continue to improve the social and economic conditions of our people. I urge the business community to diversify their exports to capitalise on this opportunity to the optimum.” The GSP removes import duties from products coming into the EU market from vulnerable developing countries. This helps developing countries to alleviate poverty and create jobs based on international values and principles, including labour and human rights. The EU continuously monitors GSP+ beneficiary countries’ effective implementation of the 27 international conventions on human rights, labour rights, environmental protection, and good governance. Pakistan was granted GSP-Plus in 2014 and has shown commitment to maintaining ratifications and meeting reporting obligations to the UN treaty bodies for these 27 conventions. In a report last month, the EU said the Pakistan government showed keen interest in maintaining GSP-Plus status. “When it comes to effective implementation, Pakistan is making some progress on adopting laws on the protection of women and children rights; elimination of honour killings; protection of transgender persons; protection of the environment; and good governance,” it said. Abdul Razak Dawood also shared data on his twitter handle to say that the ministry of commerce continued to work on improving exports. In February, Pakistan’s exports showed an impressive 13.6% surge in February, reaching $2.137 billion, while the imports fell by 4.56%.