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Pakistan to get four MI-35M attack helicopters from Russia

Pakistan to get four MI-35M attack helicopters from Russia
April 17, 2015
ISLAMABAD (92 News) – Russia has agreed to provide four MI-35M choppers to Pakistan, with a contract expected to be signed in June. A payment plan has been agreed between Pakistan and Russia. Pakistan will use the multirole MI-35M attack helicopters in fight against terrorism. The multirole MI-35M attack helicopter is a comprehensive modernisation of the MI-24V. The MI-35M is developed by the MIl Moscow Helicopter Plant. According to, the MI-35M offers round the clock:
  • Combat use of guided and unguided weapons in regular and challenging climate conditions;
  • Operational for attack flights at altitudes of 10-25 m daytime and 50 m at night over land or water.
For round-the-clock combat use, the MI-35M is equipped with the latest navigation and avionics suite with multifunction coloured displays, target sights system that includes a thermal imager and TV channels, laser range finder and location finder. The MI-35M is distinguished by its improved construction. It is equipped with the latest Klimov-produced powerful VK-2500 turboshaft engines, fibreglass main rotor blades, main rotor head with elastomeric joints, a new swashplate and X-type tail rotor. The MI-35M’s fuselage boasts shortened stub wings and fixed landing gear. The MI-35M boasts enhanced flight capabilities, and can be operated at high temperatures and in mountainous terrain. The MI-35M’s design ensures low noise levels, greater combat resilience, and reduces the workload on maintenance staff. In addition to its attack capabilities, the MI-35M can also be used in other operations:
  • Landing-transporting up to 8 paratroopers, with equipment, in the transport cabin;
  • Transporting MIlitary supplies or other cargo weighing up to 1,500 kg internally. The MI-35M is also fitted with an external sling system, expanding its cargo carrying capacity to 2,400 kg.
  • Medical uses include carrying the sick and injured along with medical personnel.
The MI-35M combines this unique experience of combat operation with the latest achievements and developments in helicopter building. The MI-35M is operated by the Armed Forces of Russia, Venezuela, Brazil and Azerbaijan.
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