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Pakistan to retaliate if attacked from Indian side: PM

Pakistan to retaliate if attacked from Indian side: PM
February 19, 2019
ISLAMABAD (92 News) – Prime Minister Imran Khan warned on Tuesday that Pakistan will retaliate with full force without thinking if it was attacked by Indian sides. Addressing to nation – giving Pakistan’s Policy statement on Pulwama – Imran Khan responded sternly to India’s blame game against Pakistan. “Pakistan will not think about retaliating if it comes under attack, Pakistan will most definitely retaliate,” the premier made it clear. PM Imran Khan asked why Pakistan need to carry out any terror attack? “Why will Pakistan engage in terrorism? What purpose will this serve? What advantage does it have for us? Pakistan has suffered the most in the war against terror,” he mentioned. He also said that it is in Pakistan’s interest not to have terrorists on its soil, adding that his government will cooperate if India gives evidence, actionable intelligence on Pulwama. “I am issuing the statement now because the Saudi crown prince was visiting the country,” he explained the reason to ignore the giving statement. “Would we do such an act when the Saudi crown prince was visiting. Would a fool even consider sabotaging the conference and what benefit would we get out if it?” he questioned. Imrna Khan remarked that the Indian government is stuck in the past. “It is using the same old rhetoric of blaming Pakistan for everything. You need to move ahead,” he added. Advising the neighbor country, PM Khan said that India needs a new mindset, they need to think about what is the reason why young people in Kashmir aren’t afraid of dying. The prime minister asked that India need to think if this one-sided oppression going to work. “The military solution never solves anything as it is evident in the case of Afghanistan. Shouldn’t India think on similar lines?” Commenting on the absurd statements – as Pakistan should be taught a lesson – of Indian politicians and media personnel, the prime minister questioned that what law allows one party to become judge, jury and execution in any case. The premier also offered to India, saying that Pakistan is ready for dialogue but it is not afraid of retaliation, he concluded. "PM will give Pakistan Policy statement on #Pulwama today tentatively at 1pm," the information minister tweeted.
FM calls UN to de-escalate current tensions after Pulwama attack
Earlier,  Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi asked the UN Secretary General to play his role for the de-escalation of current tensions which were caused by Indian government’s rhetoric against Pakistan over Pulwama attack. The minister said that he had written a letter to the UN secretary general, requesting him to play his role for the “de-escalation” of current tensions between India and Pakistan in the wake of the Pulwama attack. FM Qureshi said in his letter he had raised concerns over the negative tactics used by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government ahead of the elections in India. He said he had cautioned the secretary-general about India’s efforts. The minister asked India to present actionable evidence of involvement of Pakistan-based groups in the Pulwama attack, if it had any, and assured that Pakistan would honestly investigate the same.
Pakistan rejects Indian absurd claims over Pulwama attack
Pakistan has reminded India that bluster, belligerence and pursuit of expedient standards to suit internal political interests is both delusional and counterproductive. Reacting to on absurd claims made by spokesperson of the Indian Ministry of External Affairs about Foreign Secretary’s briefing to the diplomatic corps, Foreign Office spokesperson Dr Mohammad Faisal said India must come out of the denial mode, end state repression against Kashmiri youth, address widespread alienation in Occupied Kashmir and pursue the path of dialogue.