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Pakistan to summon International Diplomatic Conference on Kashmir issue

Pakistan to summon International Diplomatic Conference on Kashmir issue
August 31, 2019
ISLAMABAD (92 News) – Pakistan has decided to convene an International Diplomatic Conference on the Kashmir issue. The Law Ministry will invite the ambassadors after the conference which will be held before the United Nations General Assembly session. Federal Law Minister Farogh Naseem has directed the ministry to make arrangements for the conference. Sources said that active members of British and European parliaments would also be invited to the conference. They added that President Dt Arif Alvi or Prime Minister Imran Khan will address the concluding session of the conference. Moreover, Pakistan has achieved another diplomatic success in highlighting the crucial matter of the occupied Kashmir at international forums as the foreign relations committee of the US Congress and the European Parliament will take up the worst-ever situation and human rights violations in the valley. US Congressman Brad Sherman, the Chairman of the House Sub-committee on Asia, announced on Friday that the sub-committee will soon hold a hearing on the Kashmir Valley, where many political activists have been arrested and daily life, the internet, and telephone communications have been interrupted. The hearing will also review the humanitarian situation in Kashmir. "Are people able to get food, medical care, etc? I had an opportunity to meet with Americans from Kashmir Valley just a week ago in the San Fernando Valley, along with my colleague Congressman André Carson. "We heard stories of difficulties encountered by my constituents and others, and the fears they have for their loved ones. I look forward to learning more about human rights in Occupied Kashmir,” said Congressman Sherman. On the other hand, the European Parliament in Brussels will discuss the latest situation in the Occupied Kashmir on September 2. The participants will be informed about brutalities being committed by the Indian Army. Azad and Jammu Kashmir Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider will also participate in the session.