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Pakistani wrestler Inam Butt wins gold in World Beach Games

Pakistani wrestler Inam Butt wins gold in World Beach Games
October 15, 2019
DOHA (92 News) – Pakistani wrestler Inam Butt continues to make his country proud as he bagged a gold medal in the ANOC World Beach Games Qatar 2019 on Tuesday. He won the gold medal fight by 5-2, 5-2 against Georgia's Dato Marsagishvili. Inam started off his campaign with a 3-0, 3-0 landslide victory over Portugal's Adao Rafael Andrade da Silva and continued his dominant form against Dato Marsagishvili as he won the bout 1-1, 1-1. He claimed a 1-0, 1-0 win against Murat Ozkan of Turkey and went on to be Kanan Aliyev by 3-1, 3-1. Inam was on a roll in the semifinal stage as he claimed an easy 3-0, 3-0 win over Spaniard Pedro Jacinto Garcia Perez. Inam is the only Pakistani to compete in the ANOC World Beach Games in Doha and was eyeing a gold medal for the country. He said that he would dedicate his medal to the people of Kashmir. The Gujranwala-born wrestler has an impressive record but has often struggled to get funds. Inam won gold at the 2010 Commonwealth Games, bronze at the 2014 Asian Beach Games, gold medals at the 2016 South Asian Games and 2016 Asian Beach Games, silver at the 2016 Commonwealth Wrestling Championship, gold at the 2017 World Beach Wrestling Championships, silver at the 2017 Commonwealth Wrestling Championship, gold medal at the 2018 World Beach Wrestling Championships and silver medal at the 2019 World Beach Wrestling Championship. The athlete now has his eyes set on next year’s Olympics in Japan but first needs to ensure his qualification for the mega event.
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