Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Pakistan’s diplomatic efforts brought down tension in Middle East: PM

Pakistan’s diplomatic efforts brought down tension in Middle East: PM
ISLAMABAD (92 News) – Prime Minster (PM) Imran Khan has said that the diplomatic efforts of Pakistan have brought down tension in the Middle East but there is need to continue effort for permanent solution. In an interview with Turkish global wire Anadolu Agency, the prime minister said that Pakistan played its part in bringing down tensions between US-Iran and averted war. “But things are still tense and need some more efforts for a permanent solution,” he added.  diplomatic efforts  PM  Imran Khan  PM Imran Khan  Prime Minister Imran Khan  Kashmir  Turkey  India  ideology  extremist  racist ideology  Hindutva  economic team  Anadolu Agency
Pakistan’s relations with Turkey
Commenting on Pakistan’s relations with Turkey, PM Khan said Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is expected to visit Islamabad in the middle of February and hoped this visit would further strengthen the brotherly relationship between Islamabad and Ankara. To a question, Imran Khan said people in Pakistan had relationship with Turkey on the basis of Khilafat movement in 1920. “Currently we have the government to the government – a very close relationship – we are enhancing our trade ties,” he said.
Turkey stood with people of Kashmir
“Pakistan is grateful for the way Turkey stood with the people of Kashmir. The statement given by President Erdogan on what is happening to the people of Kashmir by a very fascist racist BJP government was encouraging. So, our relationship every way is getting stronger,” the premier maintained.
India taken over by extremist racist ideology
Imran Khan said that India has been taken over by extremist racist ideology, which is called the RSS and this ideology believes that India belongs to Hindus only. “It's called a Hindutva. This ideology was inspired by the Nazis in the 1930s. They believe, just like the Nazis believed in the alien race, the German race, they believed in the Hindu race. The only problem is they have 500 million people who will be excluded in India from this exclusive racist ideology. These RSS extremists assassinated Gandhi,” he added.
Kashmir is dispute between Pakistan, India
“Kashmir is a dispute between Pakistan and India, a dispute acknowledged by the world community by the UNSC. And so, what they have done is they have acted against the UNSC resolutions. Then there was a bilateral agreement, Shimla agreement between Pakistan and India. They have gone against that and they have annexed Kashmir,” he explained.
PM hails economic team
To another question regarding a one-and-half year ago government’s performance, Imran Khan said that when his government came to power, they inherited two of the biggest deficits including fiscal deficit and the current account deficit in Pakistan. Hailing his economic team, the premier said that it did a great job and almost 75 per cent of the current account deficit has been curtailed. “We are moving to the next program to enhance growth rate and the government will be able to provide jobs to younger people,” he added.
Massive reforestation campaign to face climate change
To a question regarding biggest problem of climate change, the prime minister said that the PTI-led government has started a massive reforestation campaign.” We have set ourselves a target of 10 billion trees in the next four years. And secondly, we have decided that we will change our energy mix. That is 40% would be renewables in the next 10 years,” he added.