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Palestinian martyred in clashes with Israelis in West Bank

Palestinian martyred in clashes with Israelis in West Bank
October 6, 2023 Web Desk

RAMALLAH, Palestine (AFP) - A Palestinian was martyred early Friday during clashes with Israeli soldiers and settlers in a town that has been the scene of frequent violence in the occupied West Bank, multiple sources said.

"Labib Mohammad Labib Dmidi, 19, was shot in the heart by settlers in the town of Huwara," the Palestinian health ministry said in a brief statement.

The Israeli army said in a statement that a suspect had been shot by soldiers, and a military spokesman said later he was unable to confirm whether the Palestinian had been killed or wounded.

Huwara is a town in the northern West Bank that has this year witnessed several fatal shootings by Palestinians against Israelis in cars and reprisal attacks by Jewish settlers against locals and their property.

Mayor Moin Dmidi told AFP that the young Palestinian man had sought refuge on the roof of his house, which was being attacked by settlers, when one of them shot him dead.

Another resident of the town, Abderrahman Dmidi, said the attack took place as dozens of settlers descended on Huwara overnight. "More than 200 settlers gathered in the middle of Huwara after midnight, shouting and dancing, some of them with covered faces," he told AFP.

"They began throwing stones towards some houses, and then the young people... tried to defend their homes by throwing stones," he added.

The confrontation came after the Israeli army said soldiers shot dead a Palestinian who had opened fire on a car stuck in traffic at a junction adjacent to Huwara late Thursday, without hitting any of the Israeli civilians inside.

So far this year at least 247 Palestinians have been martyred, while 32 Israelis and two foreigners killed in the conflict, including combatants and civilians on both sides, according to Israeli and Palestinian officials.