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Petrol crisis persists on consecutive 21th day in most cities of country

Petrol crisis persists on consecutive 21th day in most cities of country
June 21, 2020
LAHORE (92 News) – Petrol crisis persists on the 21th day in most cities of country after a cut in the prices on Sunday. According to the details garnered, citizens continued to suffer due to an acute shortage of petrol and diesel in different petrol pumps located in Lahore. The citizens are facing difficulties to get POL products in Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Quetta, Swabi, Alipur and other cities. The pump owners claimed that the petrol is not being provided as per demand. However, 92 News HD channel raised the matter of charging more price of Hi Octane than actual by the petrol pumps across the cities. On the other hand, citizens complained that the government should shift the benefit of the cut in prices to them by striking a balance between supply and demand of petrol. They said that petrol is unavailable at petrol pumps. “Long queues of people are present at the pumps where petrol is available,” they added. Earlier, PM Imran Khan has ordered action against the companies and people responsible for the petroleum crisis. During a meeting on Thursday, he said that the people responsible for the crisis should be arrested and their licences be cancelled. He said that the stored petrol should be supplied to the market forcibly. The prime minister also ordered to make bound all companies to store oil for 21 days. On the other hand, the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) has presented its inquiry report to Prime Minister Imran Khan and held the Petroleum Division responsible for the crisis. The report says DG Oil Dr Shafi Afridi and Petroleum Division had failed to fulfill its responsibility. The oil marketing companies deliberately created the petrol crisis.