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PIA aircraft didn’t go missing, it was sold: SC informed

PIA aircraft didn’t go missing, it was sold: SC informed
February 19, 2020
ISLAMABAD (92 News) – Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) officials have submitted a reply in Supreme Court (SC) in a missing aircraft case. In its response in the SC on Wednesday, the national airline stated that PIA’s Airbus-310, which was reportedly taken to Germany by former CEO, was sold in Germany for $103,000 and the engine for $1.3 million. “The aircraft was not missing but sold as it completed its tenure in 2016”, it added. The reply also stated that the aircraft was sent to Germany after the approval of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), which was also used in a film shooting over paid remuneration of 201000 Euros. The NOC issued by the Pakistan Air Force for Air Marshal (retd) Arshad Malik to work as the PIA chief was also submitted in court. When the present administration took charge NAB and the FIA was already investigating the case. The report said PIA had completely cooperated with investigators. The issue of the plane’s disappearance was first raised in the Senate in 2017. The government had also formed a committee to investigate it. Earlier, PIA board lawyer argued in the appointment of PIA managing director that the transparent process was adopted for appointment of Arshad Malik and the deployment took place on the deputation for three years. A three-member bench headed by Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Justice Gulzar Ahmed heard the MD PIA appointment case. During the hearing, replying to the question of the court, PIA lawyer Naeem said that the board appointed Arshad Malik on the nomination of the government. The lawyer said that many problems created and some of them solved after interference of the court. Justice Ijazul Ahsan remarked that the court has only reviewed the implementation of the law. “They have conducted many experiments in PIA. They appointed a German CEO and he took a plane with him,” he remarked. Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed said that it is hijacking to flee a commercial flight. The additional attorney general stated unique logic and said that the plane was not stolen, it was actually out of date, on which the chief justice remarked don’t give such an argument that could not be digested. “The PIA board could not protect its plane. Was the case filed against the former MD in Germany,” CJP asked PIA board lawyer Salman Akram Raja said that a planned campaign is being run to defame Arshad Malik.
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