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Pillion riding banned in Karachi for one month

Pillion riding banned in Karachi for one month
October 12, 2020

KARACHI (92 News) - The Sindh Home Department imposed on Sunday a one-month ban on pillion riding in Karachi.

A notification by the department attributed the ban to reports that “miscreants and disgruntled elements may disturb the pace and create law and order problem in Karachi by carrying out target[ed] killing”.

It also noted that recently there have been incidents of hand grenades being thrown as well as targeted killings of law enforcement personnel and religious scholars in the city.

A day earlier, Maulana Adil Khan of Jamia Farooqia was shot and killed by unidentified men in Karachi’s Shah Faisal Colony in what is being reported as a case of sectarian violence.

The ban is being imposed under Section 144 of the Code of Criminal Procedure and does not apply to women, children under 12, senior citizens, law enforcers in uniform, employees of essential services and journalists with press cards.

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