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PM assures govt is here to stay but Zardari will soon be going to jail

PM assures govt is here to stay but Zardari will soon be going to jail
April 5, 2019
JAMRUD (92 News) – Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan on Friday assured that his government is here to stay and going nowhere but only former president and Pakistan Peoples’ Party (PPP) co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari will soon be going to jail. Addressing a public gathering in Jamrud – responding to Zardari and Bilawal’s speech about topple the current government – Imran Khan said, “Zardari, this government is not going anywhere, but yes, you are going to jail soon.” He also maintained that Zardari and his son, PPP-chairman Bilawal Bhutto, can’t become leaders for they have no political struggle to their credit but a forged will. “How can people who only have a (forged) will as their only claim to leadership become leaders? you (Bilawal and Zardari) have not done any struggle?,” said Imran Khan.
People brought in ‘Train March’ by giving them Rs200
The PM maintained that the recently concluded train march by PPP chairman Bilawal was a mock exercise as “people were brought by giving them Rs200 each”.
PM challenges Zardari, Bilawal to spend a week in container
Responding to the Pakistan Peoples Party’s threat of staging a sit-in in Islamabad, PM Imran invited former Zardari and Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari to stage a sit-in in Islamabad. He said the PTI-led government would provide food and water to the protesters as he challenged the PPP leaders to spend a week on a container.
PML-N, PPP putting pressure for NRO
The premier stated that the Sharif family had over Rs100 billion abroad. He said the children of Nawaz Sharif live in houses worth billions. He added that Asif Ali Zardari had Rs100 billion in fake accounts. “The PML-N and PPP are applying pressure because they want an NRO.” He also criticized former finance minister Ishaq Dar for his advices to improve country country’s economy even he had fled the country.
Imran Khan takes dig on Fazlur Rehman
The prime minister said that JUI-F chief Fazlur Rehman is preparing for a million march, adding that these spineless leaders can’t harm the government. He said that the JUI-F chief is saying that he will hold a million march against the government but can’t even do a small rally. “Fazlur Rehman is someone who lost his seat (during elections), his example is that of a kid who fielded all day but on his turn to bat, got bowled out on the very first ball,” said Imran Khan. He added that the JUI-F chief is what one calls a “Rondu” (a kid who refuses to accept failure) who after losing his wicket, runs away with the stumps.
Paying off past governments’ loans
The prime minister during his address in Jamrud said his government has to pay Rs6.5 billion as interest on the loans taken by past governments. He assured that the country would be out of this difficult phase in the next few months. He mentioned that Pakistan is going through difficult economic time but it will be over soon, adding that during the tenure of the PPP, Pakistan’s total debt was Rs6000 billion which soared to Rs30,000 billion during the tenure of the PML-N. The prime minister said that the PML-N was expert in money laundering and stealing money.
Rs100 billion to spent annually on tribal areas’
The prime minister has announced a ten-year special development package for tribal districts. He said one hundred billion rupees will be spent on the development of tribal areas each year. He said health, education and sports facilities in tribal areas will be enhanced.
Development projects for area
PM Khan announced a number of development projects for the area which include construction of Jaba and Bara Dams, Shalman Water Supply Scheme, Bara Bypass and launching 3 and 4G mobile internet service. He assured that electricity and gas facilities will be provided to tribal people. Imran Khan hoped after completion of projects will help remove the seventy-year deprivation of the tribal people. He regretted that they have suffered a lot due to terrorism. He lauded the role of tribal people for the defence of the motherland.
Afghanistan needs neutral interim government
Referring to the Afghan problem, Imran Khan said Pakistan wants restoration of peace and stability in the war ravaged country. He clarified that he recently proposed setting up an interim government in Afghanistan before election but this was misunderstood. He clarified that this was just a suggestion and not interference in the internal affairs of Afghanistan.
Pak-Afghan Border at Torkham to remain open 24 hours
He announced that Pak-Afghan Border at Torkham will remain open twenty-four hours to promote trade and business activities. He said economic corridor will be established to provide maximum job opportunities to tribal youth. The premier said the process of merger is difficult but the government is committed to complete it as early as possible. Speaking on the occasion, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Mahmood Khan said the problems faced by people of tribal areas will be solved on priority basis. He said free medical treatment will be provided to tribal people through Sehat Insaf Cards. He said Insaf Rozgar Scheme will be launched to overcome the problem of unemployment. Earlier, Prime Minister Imran Khan arrived in Peshawar this afternoon. He held a meeting with Governor and Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to review development of the province especially the tribal districts. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf's elected representatives from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa also called on Prime Minister Imran Khan at Governor House in Peshawar.