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PM calls upon US president, UN to play role as mediator in Kashmir issue

PM calls upon US president, UN to play role as mediator in Kashmir issue
January 23, 2020
DAVOS (92 News) – Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan has once again called upon US President Donald Trump and the United Nations to play role as mediator in the outstanding Kashmir issue. In an interview with American TV channel ‘CNBC’, the prime minister said said Kashmir is a far more serious problem than the people and the world realizes. He also once again urged the US president and UN to play as role of mediator in the lingering Kashmir issue.
India taken over by extremist ideology
PM Imran Khan mentioned that India has been taken over by an extremist ideology which is called Hindutva or the RSS. He said Modi is a life member of this extremist outfit.
Eight million people put under siege
Referring to the situation in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IoK), the premier said eight million people have been put under siege there since 5th August last year. “The Indian forces have picked up thousands of Kashmiri teenagers and arrested all their political leaders,” he added.
Kashmir issue can become conflict b/w two nuclear armed countries
Imran Khan warned that it is a serious situation and this could potentially spill over in to a conflict between the two nuclear armed countries.
US-Iran conflict to be disastrous for developing countries
To a question on current situation about US-Iran tension, Pm Khan said war is not a solution to any problem. He warned that a conflict with Iran will be disastrous for the developing countries as it will shoot up the oil prices. He said the sensible way forward is dialogue.
Pakistan will only be partner in peace
Imran Khan clarified that Pakistan will only be partner in peace, ready to become mediator in the issue. He reminded that Pakistan suffered heavily both in terms of human and material losses in the war on terrorism.
Pakistan now safe country, ready for business
The prime minister said Pakistan is now a safe country and ready for business. Hailing the sacrifices rendered by security forces in the war on terrorism, he said Pakistan has disarmed the militias and rehabilitated them.
PM rejects statement about CPEC made Pakistan indebted to China
To another question, Imran Khan rejected the impression that the CPEC has made Pakistan indebted to China. He pointed out that the Chinese loans only account for five or six per cent of Pakistan's total loan portfolio. He said China helped Pakistan in the most difficult times by making investments and we are grateful to them. He said the CPEC also envisages cooperation in different sectors including technology transfer in the agriculture sector.
Country is now on right track
About Pakistan's economy, PM Khan said the country is now on the right track and our focus is on export led growth by promoting industrialization.
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