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PM Imran Khan announces to introduce law reforms

PM Imran Khan announces to introduce law reforms
January 21, 2021

ISLAMABAD (92 News) - Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan has expressed his commitment to introduce law reforms on Thursday.

Addressing the launching ceremony, the prime minister has formally launched issuance of Letters of Administration and Succession Certificates.

He also said that reforms should be aimed at facilitating common people instead of serving the elite class and online availability of succession certificate will ease common man's life.

The premier also emphasized on reforming the civil procedure court, criminal justice system and ensuring women's inheritance rights.

It may be added that the Law Ministry has devised a mechanism to establish Succession Facilitation Units in collaboration with the National Database and Registration Authority for issuance of Letters of Administration and Succession Certificates within 15 days.

"Earlier it normally took two to seven years after initiation of application by the legal heirs of the deceased. People friendly law reforms are being considered crucial by the present government aimed at ensuring justice through people friendly legislation. When crime pays, it multiples — and that Pakistan's criminal justice system needed to be reworked as the current setup encouraged crime," he mentioned.

Talking about the law ministry's initiative, he said that through it, the government has eased the work for a common man. "I consider corrections [in the system] when it provides relief to a common citizen."

The reason behind the corrective measure is to make the life of a common man easier, he said, adding that the inheritance certificates would now be issued within 15 days.