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PM Imran Khan asks present and coming CJ to free country by giving it justice

PM Imran Khan asks present and coming CJ to free country by giving it justice
November 19, 2019
HAVELIAN (92 News) – Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday asked Chief Justice Asif Saeed Khosa and coming Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed to free the country by giving it justice. Addressing a ceremony after inaugurating Havelian-Mansehra section of Hazara Motorway on Monday, the prime minister said that the judicial system in other countries is very strong and the poor know that they would get justice. “The system of infidel can work, but the system of injustice cannot work,” he said. He said that no one can touch the powerful here. “The powerful get justice by making phone calls. Both great judges should improve the impression,” he said. The prime minister said that he would not spare the people looting the national wealth. “No matter they all unite and do whatever they can. I am expert at contest. I know well how to lose and win after losing.” He said that the Sharif family could give Rs7 billion as tip. “Several members of the Sharif family have fled after looting the money. Who will give their guarantee? There are corruption cases against Shehbaz Sharif as well. Who will give his guarantee?” Imran Khan termed Fazlur Rehman a person selling his conscience in exchange for a diesel permit. “Bilawal Bhutto is not liberal, but liberally corrupt. I do not know whether the PML-N is liberal or Islamic. I want to give a message to the opposition that I will not spare the corrupt,” he declared. He termed the JUI-F sit-in a circus. “By mounting the container, the opposition has proved that their and country’s interests are contrary to each other,” he said. The prime minister said that he had to listen a lot of strange things when he took two-day off. The prime minister said that the government will bring prosperity and provide employment to the youth. “The judiciary is independent in the country. We are ready to help out the judiciary. The judiciary will have to give an impression to the common man that it is independent,” he said. Imran Khan said that PML-N president Shehbaz Sharif should have been in the film industry. “Today all ministers have been elevated on merit and they are not relatives. Motorway is part of CPEC,” he said. He announced to make material required for hospitals duty-free. “As many as 40 industries will grow when the project of constructing five million houses will start,” he said, The prime minister claimed himself to be an expert of the sit-in. “I had stated that he would accept all demands of the participants of the sit-in if they would spend a month there,” he said. He said that all politicians fearing their arrest were standing on the sit-in. “The drama of Azadi March was staged when the Kashmir issue was being discussed across the world,” he said.