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PM Imran Khan says people won’t pay tax if they don’t trust govt

PM Imran Khan says people won’t pay tax if they don’t trust govt
November 13, 2019
ISLAMABAD (92 News) – Prime Minister Imran Khan has announced to form a policy in consultation with the Federal Board of Revenue to facilitate the tax-payers. Addressing the FBR officers on Wednesday, he said that the people were ready to pay the fixed tax instead of relying on the FBR. “The FBR officials should tell how the people can be brought into confidence,” he said. “The people will not pay the tax if they do not trust the government.” The prime minister has declared overseas Pakistanis the greatest asset of the country. “Pakistanis are the most charity givers in the world. Low tax collection is due to no-confidence in the FBR,” he said. He said that the government had inherited the historic deficits. “The collected tax was paid off in the form of loans,” he said. The FBR has sought suggestions from the authorities. Meanwhile addressing a tripartite signing ceremony between MSD Tire and Rubber Company, Doublestar China and Dawood Pakistan Express Bus Service Limited in Islamabad, Prime Minister Imran Khan vowed to economically uplift the country by bolstering exports and attracting the foreign investment. Imran Khan said that the agreement signed today between Pakistani and Chinese companies is aimed at local production of tires. He said the agreement will not only help reduce the import bill but export of tires will build up the foreign exchange reserves. He welcomed the Chinese investment in different sectors, saying Pakistan will encourage more Chinese investment by providing them an enabling environment. He said several agreements have already been signed with China and the CPEC provide the platform to further bolster the economic partnership between the two countries. The prime minister said that the country's economy had been stabilized as a result of measures taken by the present government. “The current account deficit has been curtailed and the rupee has also stabilized. The positive sentiments are now also visible in the stock market,” he maintained.
تازہ ترین خبریں حاصل کرنے کے لیے فوری اطلاع کی اجازت دیں

آپ کسی بھی وقت دائیں طرف نیچے بیل آئیکن پر صرف ایک کلک کے ذریعے آسانی سے سبسکرائب کر سکتے ہیں۔