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Those who looted country after assuming power will be held accountable: PM

Those who looted country after assuming power will be held accountable: PM
July 19, 2019
MIANWALI (92 News) – Prime Minister Imran Khan has categorically declared that those who looted the country after assuming the power will be held accountable at all costs. Addressing the ceremonies after inaugurating Mianwali Express on Friday, he said that these looters had asked other countries to make recommendations for them. The prime minister said that the people would be afraid of money laundering if the powerful are held accountable. “I am also answerable and all of them are answerable,” he said. “We will hold them accountable and the people will hold them accountable no matter how much noise they make.” Criticizing the opposition, he said that the investors are not coming to the country due to corruption. “The rupee is depreciating due to money laundering,” he said. He said that they would confiscate the properties made with the looted money. Addressing the ceremony after laying the foundation stone of a 500-bed hospital and a medical college in Mianwali, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that those working for humans gain respect in the world and hereafter. He announced that Aneel Musarat would spend money on the hospital, not the government. He said that the government’s top most priority is to provide facilities to the common man. Imran Khan said NAMAL University was his vision of providing education to people in an area where people had no opportunities of getting higher education. The prime minister said that the number of PhD holders in NAMAL faculty had increased to 22 from 11. He said that 97 students in the university were studying on scholarships. He said the country cannot move forward unless accountability is done. “The country's debt reached to Rs30,000 billion from Rs6,000 billion in a decade due to corruption and bad governance.” Imran Khan said that inflation, devaluation of rupee and general economic malaise had been caused by the plundering and looting of national wealth during the last 10 years. Responding to allegations of political victimization, the prime minister said various cases were made against him in the previous government but he stood bravely against these fabricated charges and was eventually cleared by courts. He expressed optimism that difficult economic period would be over and country would become prosperous in future. Speaking on the occasion, Railways Minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed said that Mianwali Express would cater to travelling needs of a large number of people of the area. “Mianwali Express will run between Lahore to Mari Indus. It will depart Lahore at 9pm and reach Mari Indus at 6am daily.” He said that the bureaucracy was hampering the working. “There are encroachments on 70 percent land of the railway,” he added. The minister said that the prime minister had put the thieves in five-star jails. “They will return all the looted money if they are detained in Mianwali jail for a month,” he said.