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PM responds to Modi’s statement, again offers peaceful resolution

PM responds to Modi’s statement, again offers peaceful resolution
February 25, 2019
ISLAMABAD (92 News) – Responding to Indian Prime Minister (PM) Narendra Modi’s aggressive statements, PM Imran Khan again reiterated his call for peaceful resolution of issues between Pakistan and India. It is pertinent to mention here that on Saturday Modi had asked Prime Minister Khan to keep his word as a Pathan and fight poverty and illiteracy together with India instead of fighting each other. According to the statement of Prime Minister’s Office on Sunday – in response to his Indian counterpart’s comments given a day earlier – Imran Khan asked again Narendra Modi to give peace a chance. PM Imran Khan assured Modi that he stands by his words that if India gives Pakistan actionable intelligence regarding the Pulwama attack in Indian-held Jammu Kashmir, adding, “We will immediately act.” In a statement, he recalled his meeting with Narendra Modi in December 2015, they had agreed that since poverty alleviation is a priority for their region, they would not allow any terrorist incident to derail peace efforts. However, he said long before Pulwama, these efforts were derailed in September 2018 and sadly, now peace remains elusive due to elections in India. Imran Khan asked Narendra Modi to give peace a chance.
Indian PM Modi falls flat after Pakistan’s befitting reply
A day earlier, Indian Prime Minister (PM) Narendra Modi fell flat after PM Imran Khan’s straight forward and befitting response to the rival-country’s threats. Addressing a gathering at Rajasthan’s Tonk, Modi on Saturday recalled his telephonic conversation with his Pakistani counterpart after he won general elections 2018. “When Pakistan got a new prime minister, I congratulated him. Imran Khan had said to me that he was son of a Pathan and will stand by his words,” Indian prime minister mentioned. “We also discussed to fight together against poverty and illiteracy,” he added. “I told him let us fight against poverty and illiteracy. He told me, ‘Modi ji, I am the son of a Pathan. I speak true and I do true’. Today, the time has come for him to stand true to his words. I will see whether he stands true to his words or not,” he said.