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PM to provide Aleema’s property details at any cost: Khursheed Shah

PM to provide Aleema’s property details at any cost: Khursheed Shah
January 13, 2019
SUKKUR (92 News) – Pakistan Peoples’ Party (PPP) senior leader Khursheed Shah on Sunday said that Prime Minister Imran Khan has to provide details of his sister Aleema Khan’s property at any cost. Addressing to ceremony in Sukkur, Khursheed Shah said that the PTI-led government deceived the youth of the country by assuring them jobs, but it didn’t prove to be true. “The PTI promised to give billion jobs and providing houses before coming in rule, he added. The PPP leader said the PM had committed to answer the nation every Wednesday but nothing of that sort happened. He also took exception to government housing scheme questioning how a person who could not afford a saver light would pay Rs 2 million for a low-cost house. Khursheed Shah said the government broke all the records of taking foreign loans in a month. He further mentioned that that the prime minister and his sisters are also accountable and PM has to provide details of the Aleema Khan’s property. The former opposition leader said that the prime minister should have to give all details about his sister’s property, adding that they would not become hurdle in the way of the government. He warned that if the government adopted the dictator’s style than the PPP knows about its power. Khursheed Shah lambasted at the performance of incumbent government saying that they have introduced bad traditions in politics. He added that it is not politics to abuse other but to work for the poor nation. He said the people were undergoing the worst times of any government in terms on unemployment and inflation. It is pertinent here to mention that Supreme Court (SC) has sought complete details of properties of Prime Minister Khan’s sister Aleema Khan. Earlier, SC took notice of Aleema Khan's abroad property and issued notices to Director General (DG) ‎Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) and Chairman Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) along with other ‎parties.‎