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PM vows to eliminate status quo resistance against reforms

PM vows to eliminate status quo resistance against reforms
December 29, 2019
PESHAWAR (92 News) – Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan has again vowed to eliminate the status quo resisting the reforms being introduced by government in different sectors. The prime minister was addressing the inauguration ceremony of 42nd annual winter meeting of the Association of Pakistani Physicians of North America and Khyber Medical College Alumni Association in Peshawar. He asked from the nation to support his government’s endeavours in bringing about the change with new reforms and administrative structures.
Corrupt mafia offering resistance to govt’s reforms
He said the corrupt and old mafia is offering resistance to his government’s efforts to introduce reforms in the ailing government departments. He said whenever the government brings about reforms and changes to the old system, they create wrong impressions among the masses. PM Khan assured the nation not to be depressed with such a scenario as ultimately they would win this war against the corrupt mafia.
Urges APPNA members to highlight Indian brutalities in IoK
Imran Khan urged the members of APPNA to effectively highlight the ongoing Indian government’s brutalities in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IoK) which have turned the whole valley into an ‘open air jail’ for last five months. The prime minister said whatever the RSS-BJP led fascist and racist Indian government has been doing in occupied Kashmir and across India are sheer violations of the international laws. He likened these patterns of oppression and ethnic cleansing of minorities to those of Hitler Nazi’s regime. He said it is a crucial time for Pakistan as well as the whole world because fearing from the backlash after lifting of curfew in IoK and home agitation, Indian government could resort to some kind of false flag operation against Pakistan to divert the increasing global attention from its burning domestic issues. Earlier, PM Khan has said that the government is facing hurdles in implementing reforms in all sectors but they will not step back from the reformations. Addressing a function of overseas doctors in Peshawar on Saturday, the prime minister said that the government is implementing reforms in health sector to provide better healthcare facilities to the public. “Conspirators are naming the reformations in hospitals as privatize. The government is not privatizing government hospitals but introducing reforms to bring them at par with private sector hospitals,” Imran Khan added.