Wednesday, July 6, 2022

PM warns nation about dangers of coronavirus

PM warns nation about dangers of coronavirus
ISLAMABAD (92 News) – Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan has warned nation about the dangers of the deadly disease of novel coronavirus outbreak. Addressing to nation, the prime minister warned that this novel virus will spread more and more. “The world is facing problems, however, Pakistan also will have to face difficult situation,” he maintained.
Urges citizens to refrain from panicking
PM Khan urged the citizens to refrain from panicking and adopt proper preventive measures to protect themselves from the deadly virus. He urged the citizens to avoid gatherings of more than 40 people, hand shaking, wash hands with soaps frequently, and use masks while travelling.
Can't close overall country
“We cannot close overall the country due to the coronavirus. If we close all the cities, the poor will die of hunger,” he mentioned. He announced to take strict action against the hoarders.
Resolve to tackle challenges posed by coronavirus
Imran Khan has reiterated the government’s resolve to tackle challenges posed by coronavirus through national joints efforts. “The government has realized the severity of the problem and all out steps are being taken to overcome the threats arising out of this pandemic,” he said.
Will have to win the war against coronavirus
“We as a nation will have to win the war against coronavirus,” the prime minister expressed his resolve. He said 97 per cent cases get recovery and only four to five per cent patients, who have weak immune system due to elderly age, need hospitalization and treatment.
Underlines need to sensitize masses
Imran Khan advised the people to keep proper distance from infected people, especially those who are coming from foreign countries. He also underlined the need to sensitize masses on the seriousness of the issue and create public awareness on the precautionary measures.
Govt forms National Coordination Committee
PM Imran Khan said the government formed National Coordination Committee, which is working in cooperation with provincial governments to monitor the situation following Coronavirus outbreak in the country. Imran Khan informed that the National Disaster Management Authority has also been activated and tasked to coordinate with provincial governments and lead the fight against novel coronavirus.
Govt will also form economic, medical committee
He said the government will also form economic committee about coronavirus to keep a vigil on the negative impacts of Coronavirus on national economy. The prime minster said that the government also formed committee of medical experts, which is studying methods of medical treatments undertaken by various countries, including China, to contain this much-trumpeted virus.
Coronavirus engulfed entire world
Imran Khan said Coronavirus has engulfed the entire world, and government is taking special measures to facilitate Pakistanis stricken in coronavirus-hit Wuhan city of China. The prime minister also appreciated the government of Balochistan and Pakistan Army for taking special arrangements to fight the virus.
Urges Ulemas, religious scholars for support
He also urged the Ulemas and religious scholars to fully support the government in its endeavour to purge the nation of this virus.