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PM House transformed into Islamabad National University

PM House transformed into Islamabad National University
December 21, 2018
ISLAMABAD (92 News) – Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday said that the decision to convert Prime Minister’s House into into Islamabad National University (INU) clarifying government’s priority for education. The prime minister fulfilled his promise with public for transforming luxury house of the rulers into national university and inaugurated the university. Addressing the Seminar titled "Emerging Challenges and Opportunities for Pakistan" the Launch Conference for INU, Imran Khan said that the establishment of Islamabad National University at PM House is aimed at reducing the gap between the government and public. The premier mentioned that the money recovered from looters will be spent on education and PM House will be converted into a university. He said that all the rulers adopted king’s life style, saying, “We will give such awareness to the public that they will demand for simplicity.” Imran Khan said that the young generation should raise voice over misusing nation’s tax. “This educational project is my first priority, I have hit upon this idea after being inspired by British leaders,” PM Khan explained. He said no nation can make progress without quality education. He said education is imperative for progress and development. Imran Khan said China and Singapore made major economic development through quality education. He said the focus of his government is the promotion of education. The prime minister further said that NUML University was created as the first university of the villages. He added that nothing is important more than the education.
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