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Police officials shoot and kill man in Karachi

Police officials shoot and kill man in Karachi
November 22, 2019
KARACHI (92 News) – Police officials in Karachi on Friday opened fire on a car near Cantt Station early Friday morning, resulting one man dead and another injured. According to the reports, police officials had been chasing the two men, who were in a car, and fired on them when they stopped the vehicle near the railway station. The deceased was identified as Nabeel Hoodbhoy. The injured was identified as Raza Imam, and in a statement made to the police, he said that the deceased was a friend and the two of them were returning from a dinner when police started chasing them. Imam stated that they stopped the car at the railway station after getting to know that the police were following them, and heard gunshots. Imam added that he and his friend used to run an import and export business. All three policemen in the mobile have been arrested. South SSP Sheeraz Nazeer said they were all from the Gizri police station. The policemen are currently in custody. Their weapons have also been seized. According to SSP South, they used a 9mm pistol to fire on the car after it stopped near the railway station after a lengthy chase. The policemen involved in the incident were identified as Sub-Inspector Abdul Ghafoor, Head Constable Aftab and Constable Muhammad Ali Shah. All three have been taken into custody.  
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