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Poor Rural Families' Support Through Community Investment Fund is Exemplary!

Poor Rural Families' Support Through Community Investment Fund is Exemplary!
September 2, 2020
THATTA (Staff Reporter) – The Peoples’ Poverty Reduction Program launched by the Sindh government bears significant importance with regard to poverty-alleviation. This ongoing program is not less than a blessing for Sindh’s six districts – Thatta, Badin, Mirpur Khas, Umarkot, Sanghar and Khairpur. Under this program, implemented by the Sindh Rural Support Organization (SRSO), poor families are being provided with support amounts in the form of Income Generation Grant (IGG) and interest-free loans through the Community Investment Fund, with an objective to make them self-reliant so that they can be able to bring about pleasant changes in their lives. Community Organization (CO), Village Organization (VO) and Local Support Organization (LSO), which were formed under the Peoples' Poverty Reduction Programme, are playing an important role to make communities active as well as in the activities being carried out under the programme. First of all a micro-investment plan is developed by the women from rural families included in the community organization, which discusses and considers various sources to increase income. It is also observed that whether the family members can perform such tasks which enhance the source of employment and  the challenges creating obstacles in the way of a better life. After developing the micro plan, Peoples' Poverty Reduction Programme provides full support to rural women under above mentioned ways (interventions). 32-year-old Khatoli, a resident of Khamiso Samo Village in Thatta, was facing adverse circumstances in her life. Her father was suffering of diabetes, her brothers had separated from them after their marriages and her two younger sisters were also living with her. Life was not less than any torment for her. If they got food for one time, then they had to face two- time hunger in a day. Sometimes she earned her livelihood by sewing clothes and sometimes by making baskets. But she was passing her life with full of tears in her eyes. How can she express her grief and from whom? She was unable to think what to do. The burden of all the responsibilities of the house was on Khatoli's feeble shoulders. The prayers of Khatoli were answered and the team of Peoples' Poverty Reduction Programme reached her house. It was like as if her hopes found support and her courage found destination. After completion of formalities, Khatoli was provided Rs 50,000 as interest- free loan. Not only money but also the Sindh Rural Support Organization (SRSO) working on the programme in Thatta had provided training to Khatoli which was very useful to her. She had set up a retail shop and worked hard day and night. The matters of the shop were going well. Not only the buyers from Khamiso Samo but also from nearby villages started visiting her shop. She was getting a reasonable profit.  Khamiso Samo Thatta LSO Khatoli Khatoli started getting treatment of her father, which led to a significant recovery in his health. In the beginning, her house was very dilapidated. In the rains, it seemed that her house will be wiped away. Later, the house was renovated. The whole map of the house changed as all the people from the village came to visit and did not get tired of praising her house. She had also started to save money through a committee (money collection through community people) for the marriages of her sisters. They were also getting three-time food a day. They started taking food to full and thanked Allah Almighty. She expanded her shop with the passage of time and almost all  daily-use items  were available  there. After that, Khatoli also started repaying the loan in easy installments. Talking about the changes took place in her life, she said that the Peoples' Poverty Reduction Programme of the Sindh government was not less than a miracle and SRSO's team fully supported us. She also thanked the Sindh government for taking care of the poor and holding their hands.