Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Power outages continue during Sehar, Iftar

Power outages continue during Sehar, Iftar

KARACHI (92 News) – Despite tall claims by the government, power outages continued to persist in various cities including Karachi during Sehr and Iftar timings on Monday (today).

Various areas of Karachi including Nazimabad, Papoosh, Gul Bahar, Khalidabad, Manghupeer, Orangi Town, Garden Police Headquarter, Sarjani, Teesar Town, New Karachi, Gulshan-e-Muammar and other areas remained in dark posing troubles to people during Sehar, Iftar and Taraveeh timings. Also, citizens in rural areas remained afflicted with power outages around Sehri time.

The outages occurred at around 3am in the morning and lasted for hours; water was also scarce due to the breakdown. The hot day had more than 70 percent atmospheric humidity.

The power outage began when a major transmission line between the city and the national grid tripped and engulfed more than half of the city in darkness. Besides Karachi, other districts of the Sindh province, were also affected by the electricity outage.

Karachiites criticized the private sector K Electric firm said it had promised an uninterrupted power supply to the city at least during Sehar and Iftar times, but had failed to keep its vow on the first day of Ramadan.

Earlier, KE’s management had assured Karachi commissioner that the power company was ready to provide relief to the consumers in case of any complaint.